Many patients do not realize that where they receive orthopaedic care is their decision. As a patient, you should evaluate all the options before selecting the provider that is best for you.

The Real Benefits of Experience

Scientific evidence has definitively shown a connection between better patient outcomes and experience in performing more procedures.

Of nearly all the orthopaedic services we provide, our surgeons perform more of these procedures than anyone in the area—every single year. This includes procedures that are the most technically difficult. This level of experience has enabled us to develop highly advanced skills and knowledge in selecting the most appropriate procedures for our patients, and in performing them.

One Approach is Not Right for Everyone

At Shoreline Orthopaedics, all options, both surgical and nonsurgical, are thoroughly explored before determining the most appropriate approach or procedure. After a complete evaluation, a treatment is chosen ony when it is clearly indicated as the best option for that individual patient.